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PO 1

Critical Thinking: Take informed actions after identifying the assumptions that frame our thinking and actions. Ability to analyse, synthesize and integrate knowledge. Capability to evaluate the validity of arguments and conclusion.

PO 2

Effective Communication: Proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in English and one Indian language and find meaning of the world by connecting people, ideas, books, media and technology.

PO 3

Social Interaction: Link with society and intercede the disagreement and help to reach conclusion in group sitting. Demonstrate intellectual awareness and competencies. Reflect on one’s cultural identities and values.

PO 4

Effective Citizenship: Promote active citizenship and community engagement. Ability to understand the national development, informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life.

PO 5

Ethics: Understand and recognise value system, moral dimensions and self responsibility for nation and society. Demonstrate personal and intellectual integrity and academic accountability. Collaborate respectfully with others, individually and in teams.

PO 6

Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues and perspectives of environment context and sustainable development.

PO 7

Adapted to life long self learning process : Acquire the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning.

PO 8

Leadershipship quality : Growth of individuality and leadershipship quality in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.



Mar, 2024

B.A. 2nd Semester (FYUGP) Examination FORM FILL-UP
B.A. 2nd Semester (FYUGP) Examination FORM FILL-UP, 2024...


Mar, 2024

BA 2nd Semester examination,2024
BA 2nd Semester examination,2024...


Mar, 2024

BA 4th Semester examination,2024
BA 4th Semester examination,2024...


Mar, 2024

BA 6th Semester examination,2024
BA 6th Semester examination,2024...


Mar, 2024

Appointment to the post of Principal
Appointment to the post of Principal...